Two Broken Hearts

Two Broken Hearts

In one man’s heart,
there is one woman’s soul.
Being so far apart,
has left such an empty hole.

The object of his desire,
burns like wildfire.
No way to show her
if his affections could ever be,
as they once were.

Loving her for many years,
has produced oh so many tears,
To walk away from true love,
has left him looking up above,
For strength from the heavens
to help cope with his cravings.

The devil had surely taken hold,
he thought he was more than bold.
She thought her love could save,
but ended up being
not so brave.

Now they are both all alone,
for he is way too far gone.
Wrapped up in a world of evil,
that causes such an upheaval.

Forever together in each other’s hearts,
Knowing that for now,
they have no choice but to stay apart.
Putting all their trust in the Lord,
and hoping that one day,
their love shall be restored.

For "Baby Blue"- Your "Angel" still loves you.
-Sandee Foxten

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kjcsmh said...

If it is meant to be..........
Sounds like you loved someone and let them go.....when they are ready they will be back! Good luck!