Nobody Is Here

Nobody Is Here

Nobody is here,
to hold me near,
to calm my every fear,
to wipe away each tear.

Nobody is here,
to laugh with me,
to dance with me,
to just simply love me.

Nobody is here.
Outside the wind roars,
inside my emotions soar,
what am I even here for?

Nobody is here,
to hold me tight,
in the middle of the night,
or to convince me,
it’s all going to be alright.

Nobody is here,
I have been left all alone,
to wonder why they all have gone.
Where do I go from here,
Now that nobody is here?

I Feel


I feel your arms
wrapped around me so tight,
I feel your body,
snuggled next to mine
in the middle of the night.

I feel your breath
on the back of my neck,
I feel your sweet soft lips,
kiss me with a gentle peck.

I feel, NO! Wait,
I cannot feel,
it is all too real.

I awaken in a panic,
look around and
you aren’t really there.
But I know it was real,
I felt your hands run through
my hair.

I feel something more now,
I must return
to my dream, somehow.
Please, oh please, still be there,
I am coming back, I swear!
This is the only place
I can hold you,
feel you, touch you.

I can’t find you now,
why did you go?
I asked you to stay,
I was on my way.
I must have taken too long.
Where did I go wrong?

I must now put my dreams aside,
Wake up and realize
that you really have died.
I have tried so hard
to hide behind,
all the silent tears
I have cried.

I feel you are still here,
I feel your presence
when you are near.
I feel your loving arms,
holding me while I dream.
A place I feel safe,
without wanting to scream.

I feel your lips gently touch mine,
as you say good-bye.
I feel my heart breaking
once again,
and I start to cry.

As you fade further away,
Into the light ray,
I can hear you say,
“I love you and miss you
my dear,
Have no fear,
for we will
meet again,

-Dedicated to my late husband. Always in my dreams,
until we meet again. Love you and miss you-

Please Don't

Please Don't

Please don't say that you love me,
when all you seem to do is hurt me.
Please don't try to come near me again,
when I don't know where you have been.

Please don't keep playing games,
when we know it will never be the same.
Please don't look at me and start to cry,
when you have done nothing but lie.

Please don't ask for my forgiveness,
when all I have shown you is kindness.
Please don't expect me to move on,
when all I gave you is gone.

Please don't look back,
when your bags are all packed.
Please don't ask again if you can stay,
when all I want is for you to go away.

Please don't stop to talk,
when you see me out for a walk.
Please don't bother to call on me,
when it is best to just leave me be.

Please don't think twice if I cross your mind,
when it is you that chose to leave me behind.
Please don't think I will ever forget,
when there is nothing left but regret.

The Brick Wall

The Brick Wall

In front of my heart,
stands a tall brick wall.
It is a true work of art,
that protects me from
taking another fall.

I do not feel anymore,
no way for me to get hurt.
The wall contains no door,
No need for anyone to even flirt.

The wall has yet to come down,
for in my sorrows I may drown.
The damage has been done,
my heart must weigh a ton.

One day the brick wall may fall,
once and for all.
But for now it remains standing tall,
waiting for that true love's beckon call.

-Dedicated to a friend who tried.

Little Angels

Little Angels

There could be no greater joy,
she seemed like just a little toy,
Being so small and fragile,
her smile was such a dazzle.
Who could have ever known,
this beautiful little creature was my very own.

Her eyes so sparkly and shiny,
and her feet, so tiny.
A little hand to hold
She’s an angel from above,
I was told.

Never knew how much
my heart could melt,
Until I looked at her,
and felt feelings
I had never felt.

Can’t help but to stare,
finally meeting you is
almost more joyous than I can bare.
As you gaze back at me,
it is now easier for you to see,
That I am none other than,
your very own mother.

Dedicated to my two daughters, my heart and soul,
my two endless true loves. Love you both! Love, Momma

Two Broken Hearts

Two Broken Hearts

In one man’s heart,
there is one woman’s soul.
Being so far apart,
has left such an empty hole.

The object of his desire,
burns like wildfire.
No way to show her
if his affections could ever be,
as they once were.

Loving her for many years,
has produced oh so many tears,
To walk away from true love,
has left him looking up above,
For strength from the heavens
to help cope with his cravings.

The devil had surely taken hold,
he thought he was more than bold.
She thought her love could save,
but ended up being
not so brave.

Now they are both all alone,
for he is way too far gone.
Wrapped up in a world of evil,
that causes such an upheaval.

Forever together in each other’s hearts,
Knowing that for now,
they have no choice but to stay apart.
Putting all their trust in the Lord,
and hoping that one day,
their love shall be restored.

For "Baby Blue"- Your "Angel" still loves you.
-Sandee Foxten