The Weeping Widow

The Weeping Widow

Who was to know,
how that day would go.
You arose before dawn,
but it didnt take long
to realize you were gone.

No time to say good-bye,
even though I was by your side
Begging for you not to die,
over and over again, I tried.
Only God knows why you had to die,
that day, that way.

Now I lay awake,
many lonely nights,
Wondering how much more I can take.
It’s been such a long, hard fight.

Just want to close my eyes,
And get lost in my dreams,
Where there are no good-byes
And you are still alive, it seems.

As you lay all alone in that green pasture,
You can be sure,
Til death we did part,
And in death, we will once again
become one heart.

Dedicated to my late husband. Gone but not forgotten.
Love you always. Sandee Foxten


kjcsmh said...

This one left ME with the broken heart, but it was beautiful~ keep them coming!!!

Aisha said...

It's amazing beautiful but sad... so much love!