Little Angels

Little Angels

There could be no greater joy,
she seemed like just a little toy,
Being so small and fragile,
her smile was such a dazzle.
Who could have ever known,
this beautiful little creature was my very own.

Her eyes so sparkly and shiny,
and her feet, so tiny.
A little hand to hold
She’s an angel from above,
I was told.

Never knew how much
my heart could melt,
Until I looked at her,
and felt feelings
I had never felt.

Can’t help but to stare,
finally meeting you is
almost more joyous than I can bare.
As you gaze back at me,
it is now easier for you to see,
That I am none other than,
your very own mother.

Dedicated to my two daughters, my heart and soul,
my two endless true loves. Love you both! Love, Momma

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kjcsmh said...

Very sweet! And very true! Love it!