My Broken Heart


My broken heart can only feel,
as if it will never heal,
You went to the extreme,
when you shattered my every dream.

Thoughts of you,
just make me blue,
For I am left here to cope,
without any hope,
Of such a tender caress,
as only you can profess.

I will forever long,
to be in those sweet arms
Where I belong,
but my broken heart
will not let me forget,
That for now we must be apart
and it hurts more than a little bit.

Your love was the soul
that made me whole,
Now I only cry,
to forget you I can only try.

My heart is now
just a cloud of dust,
letting go of you is a must.
My one true love,
you have surely flown away
just like a dove.

For my "Baby Blue"-always in my heart.
Sandee Foxten

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