The Key To My Heart


When I first saw him standing there,
it was more than I could bare,
It turned into more than just a glare,
For all I could do was stare.

With nothing more between us
than a small creek,
It was that very moment,
my heart fell weak.

The eyes that locked,
were so deep and blue,
My mind was suddenly blocked,
and off my feet I was knocked
For I had not a clue,
If this could be true.

Never before had I fell so fast,
Was he the one at last?
Only time would tell,
If we would open up our shell.

In an instant my heart fell,
so deep into his spell
Little did we know,
how much our love would grow.

Never again to love so deep
or take such a leap,
For always he will be
the one with my hearts only key.

Dedicated to "Baby Blue"-I will always love you.
Sandee Foxten

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