Please Don't

Please Don't

Please don't say that you love me,
when all you seem to do is hurt me.
Please don't try to come near me again,
when I don't know where you have been.

Please don't keep playing games,
when we know it will never be the same.
Please don't look at me and start to cry,
when you have done nothing but lie.

Please don't ask for my forgiveness,
when all I have shown you is kindness.
Please don't expect me to move on,
when all I gave you is gone.

Please don't look back,
when your bags are all packed.
Please don't ask again if you can stay,
when all I want is for you to go away.

Please don't stop to talk,
when you see me out for a walk.
Please don't bother to call on me,
when it is best to just leave me be.

Please don't think twice if I cross your mind,
when it is you that chose to leave me behind.
Please don't think I will ever forget,
when there is nothing left but regret.

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